Using atlas data as a spatial reference for a result of a realistic neural network simulation

Model download

From The Allen Mouse Brain Reference Atlas, 2011 Segmentation download the following VRML high quality models:

Download also a model of a of the barrel cortex column Download. Unwrap downloaded archives.


Run  ParaView software (description for version 4.0.1). Open downloaded *.wrl and *.vtk files. Click the Apply button (in the tab Properties).

Loaded models.Loaded models.

In the Properties tab set Styling: Opacity to 0.1 for scene_grey.wrl model. For every scene_SSp_bfd*.wrl model set Styling: Opacity to 0.3, then change Coloring from VRMLColor to Solid Color. Click Coloring: Edit and select color to:

  • Red = 250, Green: 245, Blue: 255 for scene_SSp_bfd1.wrl,
  • Red = 153, Green: 163, Blue: 255 for scene_SSp_bfd2Slash3.wrl,
  • Red = 74, Green: 77, Blue: 128 for scene_SSp_bfd4.wrl,
  • Red = 171, Green: 177, Blue: 255 for scene_SSp_bfd5.wrl,
  • Red = 145, Green: 149, Blue: 213 for scene_SSp_bfd6a.wrl,
  • Red = 177, Green: 170, Blue: 255 for scene_SSp_bfd6b.wrl.

Color and opacity settings.Color and opacity settings.

Click Coloring: Edit for the framedata0051.vtk model (ensure that Coloring is set to voltage). Click the "Gear" icon to edit Color Scale. Set Color Space to CIELAB; set the left color point to Red = 59, Green = 76 and Blue = 192 and the right to Red = 255, Green = 255 and Blue = 0. Add two color points: at Color Scalar Value = -40 (Red = 150, Green = 150 and Blue = 0) and at Color Scalar Value = 18 (Red = 190, Green = 35 and Blue = 21). Click the Apply button, then close the Color Scale Editor window.

Voltage to color mapping.Voltage to color mapping.

Apply the Transform filter (Filters/Alphabetical/Transform from menu) to the framedata0051.vtk model. In the Properties tab set the transformation matrix to:

Translate -3.71011222757522 -0.955791920040867 -0.855289018330382
Rotate 40.2025580192141 -63.976105129058 76.2999549515704
Scale 0.58 0.58 0.58

The transformation filter.The transformation filter.

Click the Apply button.

A complete scene.A complete scene.

Choose an appropriate viewport and export the scene or a screenshot if you wish.

The complete scene at another viewpoint.The complete scene at another viewpoint.

The complete scene - focus on the model of barrel cortex column.The complete scene - focus on the model of barrel cortex column.


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