Interoperability with other atlasing software

Interoperability of 3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor and Scalable Brain Atlas

3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor allows bidirectional data exchange with Scalable Brain Atlas (

Datasets exchange

Scalable Brain Atlas can use data generated by 3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor as base dataset. On the other hand, using 3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor it is possible to generate three-dimensional models from any atlas available on

Another important property of the parser is direct acces to the data available on SBA website. 3dBAR downloads entire dataset before generating a 3D model which assures that models are always generated using the most recent representation.

3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor is also used to replace the process of manual tracing in favor of automated parsing of source files ( more information).

Web service

As the whole reconstruction process is fully automated, 3dBAR web services are used to enhance  ScalableBrainAtlas functionality. The services are provided as one of SBA plugins allowing three dimensional visualization of datasets. Try  this link and search for 3dModel plugin.

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