3dBAR reconstruction examples

  1. Based on Paxinos and Watson The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates
  2. Based on [ Waxholm Space …
  3. Based on  ScalableBrainAtlas templates

Based on Paxinos and Watson The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates

Examples of reconstructions based on Paxinos and Watson The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates created with 3D Brain Atlas Reconstructor. Meshes are presented without any additional processing such as smoothing or complexity reduction in order to fully represent source data.

Reconstruction of the whole brain Segmented reconstruction of the cortex
(both archi and neocortex):
M1,M2 primary and secondary motor cortex
RSD - retrosplenial dysgranular cortex
V1 - primary visual cortex
OlfCx - olfactory cortex
S2 - secondary somatosensory cortex
S1ULp - primary somatosensory cortex,
upper lip region.

Thalamus Segmented reconstruction of thalamus:
LD - laterodorsal thalamic nucleus,
PO - posterior thalamic nuclear group,
LP - lateral posterior thalamic nucleus,
DLG - dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus,
MG - medial geniculate nucleus,
Rt - reticular thalamic nucleus,
PVA - paraventricular thalamic nucleus.

Cortico-spinal tract Segmented reconstruction
of cortico-spinal tract:
ic - internal capsule,
lfp - longitudinal fasciculus of the pons,
cp - cerebral penducles,
py - pyramidal tract.

Based on  Waxholm Space Atlas

(webGl preview) - may take a while to load
Reconstruction of whole brain Segmented reconstructions
of chosen brain structures:
SC - superior colliculus,
VS - ventricular system,
cb - cerebellum.

Based on  ScalableBrainAtlas templates

Rhesus Monkey, Paxinos et al. 2000 NeuroMaps Macaque Atlas
(webGl preview)
Segmented reconstruction of the cortex:
6, 47 - areas 6 and 47 of cortex,
PE - parietal area PE,
STreg - superior temporal sulcus
V1,V4 - visual area 1 and 4.
Reconstructions of cerebral cortex
and chosen subcortical structures:
Amg - amygdala,
Str - striatum,
CgG - cingulate gyrus,
FL,OL,PL - frontal, occipital and
parietal lobe,
Olf - olfactory bulb.


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