3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor on-line service


Return AJAX data describing reconstructions in the service matching the criteria.

queryReconstruction?cafDatasetName=<dataset identifier>
                   ;structureList=<structure name>
                   ;outputFormats=<output format list>
                  [;pipeline=<pipeline name>]
                  [;switches=<switches list>]

Required arguments

The service identifier of the selected CAF dataset.

Name of structure from hierarchy tree. In practice nearly all names should be fine. Formally name has to point to a root node of a subtree containing at least one node with representation among paths in CAF slides.

Nonempty coma-separated list of reconstruction file format descriptors. Allowed format descriptors are:
  • 'exportToVRML': VRML files,
  • 'exportToX3d': X3D files,
  • 'exportToPOVRay': POV-Ray files,
  • 'exportToNiftii': NIfTI files
  • 'exportToVTKPolydata': vtk polydata files,
  • 'exportToNumpy': NumPy? array files,
  • 'exportToVolume': vtk structured grid files,
  • 'exportScreenshot': PNG images,
  • 'exportThumbnail': PNG thumbnails.

Optional arguments

Coronal and anterior-posterior voxel size separated with a coma.
Service identifier of the pipeline the reconstructions has been generated with.
Nonempty coma-separated list of switches. Allowed switches are:
  • 'brainoutline': match only structures containing the outline of hierarchy tree root structure; forces 'composite' switch,
  • 'composite': only scene format descriptors ('exportToVRML', 'exportToX3d', 'exportToPOVRay', 'exportScreenshot', 'exportThumbnail') are allowed in the outputFormats list.

AJAX data type

   String: String,
   String: [Number, Number, String],
   String: String,
   String: Boolean,
   String: String,
   String: Number,
   String: Number | null,
   String: String,
   String: String

AJAX data description

The data is provided in format:

   'groups': <groups>,
   'quality': [<xyres>, <zres>, <pipeline>],
   'format': <format>,
   'compressed': <compressed>,
   'status': <status>,
   'cacheID': <id>,
   'size': <size>,
   'groupsID': <groups id>,
   'CAFSlideUnits': <unit>


is a string describing structures included in the reconstruction,
is the coronal voxel size used in the reconstruction process,
is the anterior-posterior voxel size used in the reconstruction process,
is the service identifier of the pipeline used in the reconstruction process,
is a string describing the format of reconstruction file,
indicates if the reconstruction file has been compressed as a zip archive,
is a string describing the status of the reconstruction; possible values are:
  • 'None',
  • 'Scheduled',
  • 'Pending',
  • 'In progress',
  • 'Completed',
  • 'Finished',
  • 'Failed',
  • 'Removed',
is the service identifier of the reconstruction,
is the reconstruction file size (in bytes),
<groups id>
is a string composed of reconstructed groups names separated with '_' character; if an outline is present in the reconstruction, its name precedes others and is separated with double '_' character,
is the voxel size unit.


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