3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor Publications

If you use (standalone 3D Brain Atlas Reconstructor) in your research project, please cite the following paper:

Majka, P., Kublik, E., Furga, G., & Wójcik, D. K. (2012). Common atlas format and 3D brain atlas reconstructor: infrastructure for constructing 3D brain atlases. Neuroinformatics, 10(2), 181–97. .

When referencing the 3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor  Web Service please link to the website and cite the paper below:

Majka, P., Kowalski, J. M., Chlodzinska, N., & Wójcik, D. K. (2013). 3D Brain Atlas Reconstructor Service-Online Repository of Three-Dimensional Models of Brain Structures. Neuroinformatics, 11(4), 507–18. .

In addition, when using CAF datasets provided with the software or specific 3d models, refer to the original atlases used to generate the CAF dataset. These can be found in the Summary tab as shown in the image below:

Thank you.


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